Friday, 14 March 2014

Everything is working out!

In my last blog post I talked about me recovering from plantar fasciitis... well after I started wearing some arch support insoles I have been on my feet again and already I think the plantar fasciitis is starting to heal up which is really good news if you ask me and I think I will if everything continues like this be back running around very soon so you all have been warned!

Anyway because I have been sat around on the internet for quite awhile because I haven't been able to get out much because of the PF well I have been trying to find some cool music to listen to as a way of passing the time and I never thought Id say this but I actually like rock music...... I never really got it before but I think im starting to really enjoy it now... weird that..... I really hate though the current rock music if you can call it that Im getting into the 80's stuff cannot be asked with today's junk.. still dont get the point of that garbage to me its not anything and has no meaning just cooperate.

Recovering from plantar fasciitis

I were running recently and have really wrecked my feet to the extreme they are throbbing like mad and really badly inflammed I guess this is what people call plantar fasciitis.. I already knew runners could get it but never thought I would ge tit myself and thought that my feet were indestructable and could take anything I guess though I was sadly mistaken and my feet are jsut like everybody else and not bullet proof like I like to think they are.

So what happened was this I went out on my usual jog.. and I do usually get sore feet because I wear rubbish shoes and each time my feet strike the ground it just adds to the soreness and pressure it is quite hard to explain anyway I tend to just ignore this and get on with my run usually I finish anyway before the soreness get to much but for some dumb reason I extended my run for a little bit longer than usual and I guess this caused the plantar fasciits as it was to much for my poor arches to handle.

I have seen a doctor I really dont know How I managed it I ended up hopping there..LOL and they were told me to keep it rested and not put any weight on it that could cause extra strain and pressure which could impede the recovery or make it worse!!
I guess one positive to all of this though is that I dont have to go to work any more (any excuse even just a cough and Il take time off work because I hate it). I have been reading like a book worm lots about how I can protect my feet when I do get back on them and I found quite a few useful things particularly this.. which warns against wearing bad insoles....flat ones basically I never knew that they were that important at all well I guess I really do not want this again So I better listen to that advise.

At the moment I am trying not to walk on my feet at all which is pretty hard especially when I get hungry and want to go to the fridge.... times like these I wish I was really rich and could afford a personal butler or something.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Easy way to get backlinks

Including images in your articles on you blog is the most easiest way tog et backlinks... People need images! Including original and great images that people want to use will mean when people go to image search to find images to use if they like your image they will most likely will copy and paste your image into their blog or website post! This is really effective if you have a high pr website that can rank images really easily. Iv done it for quite a few of my websites and have been getting a couple great links just for providing people good images for them to use! Try it for yourself you might just be amazed. I would use a image for this blog post at the moment however I really dont have any suitable images I can use... I dont really know what image would fit this blog post anyway.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

This is my design blog to showcase all my designs and opinions.... come back soon when i hopefully will have written some marvelous blog posts and design for you to see! cheers.